always [??:lwe?z]  [??lwez,-w?z,-wiz] 

always 基本解释

副词常常; 总是,老是; 永远,始终; 不断地

always 同义词


副词all the time forever

always 反义词


副词seldom sometimes

always 相关例句


1. I'm always misplacing my glasses.

2. You can always resign if you feel unhappy.

3. He always dines at the same place.

4. A great scholar is not always a very wise man.

5. I shall always remember my first day at school.

always 情景对话


A:I always want to (smoke/ drink/ sleep).

B:No. You can’t.


A:Are you keen on outdoor sports?

B:I love attending outdoor sporting events even though I am not always a big fan.


B:You know, packing has a close bearing on sales.

A:Yes, it also affects the reputation of our products. Buyers always pay great attention to packing.

B:We wish the new packing will give our clients satisfaction.

always 网络解释


1. 天长地久:同一年,斯皮尔伯格还拍了一部爱情片<<天长地久>>(Always),但并不成功. 半年后,1993年12月15日,<<辛德勒名单>>(Schindler's List)上映,这部长达195分钟的电影是斯皮尔伯格艺术上和思想上都堪称完美的代表作.

always 词典解释

1. 总是;每次都是;无例外地
    If you always do something, you do it whenever a particular situation occurs. If you always did something, you did it whenever a particular situation occurred.

    e.g. Whenever I get into a relationship, I always fall madly in love...
    e.g. She's always late for everything...

2. 永远;始终;一直
    If something is always the case, was always the case, or will always be the case, it is, was, or will be the case all the time, continuously.

    e.g. We will always remember his generous hospitality...
    e.g. He has always been the family solicitor...

3. 一再;老是
    If you say that something is always happening, especially something which annoys you, you mean that it happens repeatedly.

    e.g. She was always moving things around.

4. (用于提出建议或提示其他解决方法)总还,总还是
    You use always in expressions such as can always or could always when you are making suggestions or suggesting an alternative approach or method.

    e.g. If you can't find any decent apples, you can always try growing them yourself...
    e.g. 'What are you going to do?' — 'I don't know. I could always go back in the Navy or something.'

5. 总是;一直;本来
    You can say that someone always was, for example, awkward or lucky to indicate that you are not surprised about what they are doing or have just done.

    e.g. She's going to be fine. She always was pretty strong...
    e.g. You always were a good friend.

Do not confuse always and ever. If something always happens, it happens regularly or on every occasion. I would always ask for the radio to be turned down... He's always been an active person. If something is always the case, it is true at all times. No matter what she did, she would always be forgiven. You use ever, for example in negative sentences, questions, and with superlatives, to talk about any time at all when referring to the past, present, or future. No one ever came... Will I ever see France? ...the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.
不要混淆always和ever。always指总是或每次都是:I would always ask for the radio to be turned down(我总是要求将收音机的音量调小),He's always been an active person(他总是很积极)。always也可指始终或一直:No matter what she did, she would always be forgiven(无论她做了什么,总是可以得到谅解)。ever用于否定句、疑问句或最高级,表示过去、现在或将来的任何时候:No one ever came(没有人来过),Will I ever see France(我以后能有机会去法国吗),the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me(别人对我说过的最中听的话)。
always 英英释义


1. at all times
    all the time and on every occasion

    e.g. I will always be there to help you
           always arrives on time
           there is always some pollution in the air
           ever hoping to strike it rich
           ever busy

    Synonym: ever e'er

2. forever
    throughout all time

    e.g. we will always be friends
           I shall treasure it always
           I will always love you

3. at any time or in any event

    e.g. you can always resign if you don't like it
           you could always take a day off

4. without interruption

    e.g. the world is constantly changing

    Synonym: constantly forever perpetually incessantly

5. always的近义词

5. without variation or change, in every case

    e.g. constantly kind and gracious
           he always arrives on time

    Synonym: constantly invariably

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