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palace 基本解释

名词宫,宫殿; (主教)邸宅,宏伟大厦; 华丽的娱乐场所

palace 相关例句


1. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace.

palace 情景对话


A:All my bags are checked in. I guess I'm all set to go.

B:I know you must be excited to go home after such a long business trip.

A:I am sure. So, we'll be expecting the first shipment in less than a month.

B:Yes, that's right. They'll be there in no time.

A:Good. Tell Mr. Gao at the factory to keep up the good work.

B:I think all the products are going to sell very well.

A:We hope so! It's always good to work with you, Tom.

B:I want to thank you for placing such a big order with us. You won't be disappointed.

A:I'm sure I won't. I really appreciate all of your hospitality.

B:It was my please.And I'd like to give you a little something to take home. Let me unroll it.

A:This is beautiful! Chinese calligraphy. What do these characters mean?

B:They mean long life. I remember you liked the calligraphy at the Palace Museum.So I thought you might like it.

A:That's very nice of you. Where did you get it? It's not a print.

B:No, it's an original. My father's friend is a calligrapher, and I had him make it for you.And his name and the date are on the bottom.

A:I'll hang it in my office. But I feel bad I didn't get you anything.

B:Don't worry about it. It's a taken of my appreciation for your business, and friendship.

A:If you have time around Christmas, please come to visit my family.And I'll be able to show you around our city.

B:Thanks for the invitation. And please give my regards to your wife.

A:You do the same. Well, I'd better go. Thanks again for everything.

palace 网络解释

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palace 词典解释

1. 宫殿;王宫;皇宫
    A palace is a very large impressive house, especially one which is the official home of a king, queen, or president.

    e.g. ...Buckingham Palace...
    e.g. They entered the palace courtyard.

2. 王室
    When the members of a royal palace make an announcement through an official spokesperson, they can be referred to as the Palace .

    e.g. The Palace will not comment on questions about the family's private life.

3. 豪宅;宫殿般的建筑
    You can refer to any large splendid house or other building as a palace .

    e.g. They'd bought a huge barn with some land and planned to turn it into a palace.

palace 英英释义


1. palace的意思

1. official residence of an exalted person (as a sovereign)

2. a large and stately mansion

    Synonym: castle

3. a large ornate exhibition hall

4. palace在线翻译

4. the governing group of a kingdom

    e.g. the palace issued an order binding on all subjects

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